Understanding Autism in 0-6 year olds - 30th November 2019 UWA, PERTH

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Understanding Autism in 0-6 year olds - 30th November 2019 UWA, PERTH


A workshop for professionals working in education and allied health services.

$175, fully catered, all printed materials included.

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This workshop is presented by Gemma Foxall, MEd.

Gemma’s two children both received early diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her PhD research is examining what mainstream educators need to know to support children with ASD, analysing data from four fields of experience: therapy, parenting, teaching and academic research. This workshop series sold out in 2018 and returns in 2019 for a 1 day intensive workshop. Participants will:

  • Learn to recognise early signs of ASD and understand the neurological reasons for these observable behaviours

  • Learn what forms of evidence can support the diagnostic team when assessment referrals are undertaken

  • Learn about the typical differences between the genders and why Autism Spectrum Disorder presents so uniquely

  • Learn how to support the parents through the diagnostic process and the early stages of the journey

  • Learn practical strategies for increasing social interactions

  • Learn how to teach functional communication to a child who is using no gesture and language (or very little)

This workshop is best suited to those supporting children aged 0-6 years old. The practical strategies taught will also be beneficial to those with global developmental delay, language disorders and speech difficulties.