Feedback from teachers and EAs 

I have been totally engrossed and engaged throughout the whole day.
All sessions were fantastic, very informative, relevant, and authentic.
I came away with the 'why' and more 'how' on some strategies I am using. Therefore, I know better when to change them and how to make them more successful.
I've done quite a few workshops on Autism, and this is by far the best one I've done.
My brain is buzzing in a great way on all the information!

It has given me great strategies to implement in the classroom and how to interact effectively with ASD students.

Really eye opening to hear parents' perspectives and the additional challenges they face that we don’t always think about.

Renews my energy to tackle the whole school approach and get the best for the student.

Relevant to the classroom – it informed pedagogy and practice.

Very valuable, has given me some tools to use, simple and effective strategies. WONDERFUL PD!  Very valuable!

feedback from school admin team members

Everyone has been very effusive in their praise of how much they got out of the PD, how much they enjoyed it, and how much they would like to do more. Thank you for making such a positive contribution to our school.
I feel as though I have learnt more from you than in any other course.
Some very practical information. Especially powerful as you are both parents and educators. I would love to organise further PD at my school.
I would love to have you come into my school to run P.D. with all staff.